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Antique Volumes

Welcome to 
Inkling Academy

A private, seminar-style, classical literature & composition course for homeschooling families in Southwest Missouri.

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Course Objective

In this course students will read through two classic works of literature and come together for discussion. In addition to the weekly meetings, they will have access to course-specific videos to guide them in interacting with and thinking deeply about the readings. These videos will also include exercises to guide writing and expression on these works. Finally, this course will include two formal writing assignments, each tailored to the respective age groups.

Mr. Goodrich


Grant Goodrich has been a classical, liberal arts educator for almost 15 years with Great Hearts Academies and has served as Master Teacher of Literature and Composition, Network Faculty Trainer, Head of Curriculum, and Headmaster. He has taught in every grade level from 3rd to 12th and every subject area, including Latin, Literature, History, Writing, Math, Music, Art, Public Speaking, Logic, and Rhetoric.

Fall 2024 Schedule Coming Soon!

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